Gynea: Women Reference's Laboratory

Gynea Laboratorios is a family-owned pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1999, specialising in women's health and leaders in gynaecology medication, with products for the different stages and situations in a woman's life. In recent years, the company has expanded into field of paediatrics, developing its child health division, and more recently into the field of health and sport as a lifestyle for the whole family.

It is a dynamic company, now entering a stage of consolidation after several years of double-digit growth. It has a strong focus on R&D&I and an attractive product pipeline for the coming 5 years. It markets dietary supplements, dermocosmetic and medicinal products.

Gynea is committed to internationalisation, which currently accounts for 15% of the group's turnover, a figure that is to rise considerably in the coming 3 years according to the company's strategic plan. Its international strategy is based on partnerships with consolidated companies as well as directly through local distributors.

Gynea currently has a presence in: France, Portugal, North Africa, Central and South America, the former Soviet Republics, the Middle East and Asia. It is in the course of becoming registered in several countries and has opened a subsidiary in Chile.